Landscaping contractors can keep their schedules full from sun up until sun down or choose to work seasonally. If you keep a few shovels in the back of your vehicle and attach a snow plow to the front, you can stay busy while there isn't a bloom in sight. When you are responsible for manicuring the lawns of homeowners and businesses, you have to take responsibility for any accidents that occur while you are at work, and even those that happen by under the supervision of your employees.

Your Risk Exposure As A Landscaping Contractor

It isn't enough to have liability insurance coverage for your landscaping business if you will be using heavy equipment to cut lawns and prune hedges, or if you have contract with other landscaping professionals. What you can do is obtain a landscaping contractor insurance policy that keep your business and image protected against claims of damage to the lawns and property of your customers as well as personal injury claims brought on as a result of your landscaping practices.

Landscaping Equipment And Property Damage

It shouldn't take long to learn how to maneuver a riding lawnmower a large plot of grass and have it all trimmed up evenly. However, failing to set the cutting blades of a riding lawnmower to the right height can leave a client's lawn damaged. Your landscaping contractor insurance policy will compensate any client who makes a legitimate claim of damage, leaving you to continue running your business while the insurance adjuster calculates how much it will cost to restore the damaged lawn. This type of coverage will also give you peace of mind when yo have multiple lawn care service appointments running concurrently at several locations.

Employee And Subcontractor Negligence

With a successful landscaping business there are consistently going to be affairs for you to take care of, even after business hours. You will need to order mulch and fertilizer, have your lawnmowers serviced, and follow-up with customers to see if they are satisfied with the services your company has provided. Notably, many landscaping jobs will be completed by employees and subcontractors that you know and trust. Accidents are to be expected on occasion, which is why comprehensive landscaping contractor insurance coverage should be chosen before any mishaps happen. Your business doesn't need to be bogged down by the threat of litigation, so get protection for your landscape equipment, your workers and your business prior to having to learn things the hard way.

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