If something happens to your home office, do you know how you'd recover? Would you have the resources needed to replace all of your home office equipment and furniture? Will you be able to tackle the liability issues stemming from an injury that occurs during the course of business?

A business insurance policy gives you all the right tools needed to tackle these questions. Nevertheless, many home business owners are either uninsured or rely solely on their homeowner's insurance policy. Here are three good reasons why you should get business insurance for your home business.

It Protects You from Common Liability Risks

Imagine if someone's accidentally injured while delivering a package to your doorstep or one of your employees injures his or herself while on the job. These are just a couple of the common liability risks that business insurance policies are capable of handling.

A typical business insurance policy offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage related to your business, as well as injury to any employee eligible for workers compensation benefits. It can also protect you from claims stemming from providing or failing to provide professional services.

It Keeps Physical Losses from Shuttering Your Business

Disasters can strike at any given moment and disasters like losing business data can be serious enough to put your home business in jeopardy. Its times like these where having an insurance policy specifically for your home business can come in handy.

If anything happens that causes your home business to experience a significant loss of revenue or place it in danger of shuttering altogether, you may be able to use your business insurance to survive this period of uncertainty and stay on track.

Your Homeowner's Insurance Coverage Isn't Enough

Since you're running your business out of your home, you might assume that your homeowner's insurance policy also covers the business inside of it. However, that's not the case. Most homeowner's insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for anything that happens to be business related. Other policies may cover home office equipment, but only to a certain point, which may not be enough to fully cover your losses in the event of a fire, theft or other common peril.

A separate business insurance policy provides a safety net that covers whatever your homeowner's insurance policy doesn't. If your home office is burglarized, for example, your business insurance policy will cover your home office equipment and everything else related to your home business, including business records and data.

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