A performance surety bond is a term that a number of people may not have ever heard of. Even for those people that have heard the term before, their level of knowledge about this subject is likely limited. However, if you're someone who is getting ready to undertake a massive construction project, such as building a home, this is a subject matter you definitely want to familiarize yourself with.

Performance Bonds

The performance surety bond is all about protecting the consumer of the construction project. This bond gives you extra protection in the event the contractor fails to perform the services based on the outline of the contract agreement.

Some areas in which a failure to perform might occur could be designing a room smaller than the design specifications or not meeting the schedule when it comes to completing the project. In the event you incur any financial losses as a result of this failure to perform correctly, these losses may be protected.


Here are just a couple of the benefits a performance bond can extend to you:

Greater Confidence

A construction project of any size is often a daunting and overwhelming task, as there is so much that could go wrong. This is the case even when careful planning is performed. However, performance bonds can help take some of this uncertainty away and give you the confidence of knowing that you are protected.

Whether it's a significant weather circumstance that delays the project or some other unplanned mishap, you will know that your finances are covered and that the project will still be completed as planned. This level of confidence is unmatched.

Cost Savings

Whether you're building a family home or a vacation home, performance bonds can yield a significant cost saving for you. For example, say your project was delayed, and as a result, you had to go out and find another place to stay for several months. For many people, this would be a financial catastrophe.

With a surety bond, all your losses are protected if it is found that the contractor did not properly meet their end of the bargain. In this instance, you would be covered for the extra expense you had to incur as the result of the delayed completion.

Although the vast majority of construction projects are completed without a hiccup, it's never a bad idea to protect yourself. Make sure you aren't overlooking this step. A bonding company like Service Insurance Company can help you meet this need.