If you've noticed some damage to your roof, you may be wondering if your homeowner's insurance will pay for a repair or replacement. There are some time when insurance will cover roof repairs, but don't expect every leak to be covered. Check out these three facts you must know about homeowner's insurance and roof damage.

Maintenance Isn't Covered

One responsibility you have as a homeowner is to maintain your home, including your roof. This means keeping it clean, replacing damaged shingles, etc. If you fail to perform regular maintenance, damage can occur. This is not typically covered by insurance because it could have been prevented with proper care. In some cases, however, if the roof damage allowed water to damage belongings, such as furniture, those items may be covered. If your insurance carrier chooses to replace them, however, you may get a reduced amount, depending on their age and condition.

Sudden Damage Is Usually Covered

Sudden damage either cannot be predicted or prevented. For example, if a sudden wind storm knocked a tree branch into your roof, causing a hole, there was little or nothing you could to do prevent this. Therefore, unless stated otherwise in your policy, the damage is usually covered. Your insurance carrier will decide if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. If it needs to be replaced, however, they may not pay for the full cost of a new roof, depending on the age of your current roof.  

You May Need a Peril Policy

You can choose between peril and non-peril homeowner's policies. A non-peril policy is common in most areas that see normal weather and few natural disasters. They cover everything except what is listed in the policy. However, in some areas, a non-peril policy isn't enough. For example, non-peril policies don't always cover earthquakes. If you live in an area that sees frequent earthquakes, however, you need this coverage. This is when a peril policy comes into play. With a peril policy, only natural disasters and weather conditions that are common to the area are covered. Everything that is not listed is not covered.

If you have damage to your roof, you need to get it fixed quickly, and in some cases, your insurance will cover some or all of the costs. Make sure you know if you need a peril or non-peril policy, and ensure you keep your roof well maintained. For more information regarding roof damage and homeowner's insurance policies, contact an insurance carrier in your area today. Contact a company, like Angel Auto Insurance, for more help.