As the owner of a motorbike, your traveling excursions can carry you to all kinds of places–across state lines and to new scenery. The fact is, it is always fun to see what you can discover away from home. However, if you have an accident on your bike while you are out of state, it can make things a little complicated where your insurance claim is concerned. Here is a look at some of the things you should do if you have an accident on your motorbike in another state besides the one where you reside. 

Don't immediately assume you are not at fault. 

Every location can have its own highway regulations and understood rules, even though most states have pretty consistent laws across the board. Because of this, it may not be as obvious as it seems as to who was at fault for the accident. As the out-of-state driver, you may not have the proper understanding of local rules to make the assumption that you were not at fault for the incident. 

Don't skimp on getting the other driver's information. 

One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is to be involved in an accident, and have no idea how to get in touch with the other drivers who were involved. As long as there was a police report at the time of the accident, this info should be documented, but because the accident happened out of your home state, it can be harder to get the police report than usual. Before you leave the scene of the accident, get as much contact information from the other involved drivers as you can, right down to multiple phone numbers and their address. 

Don't wait until you get home to file a claim. 

Being out of town probably means it will be a while before you get back home. However, it is better to go ahead and file the accident claim when the accident occurs, no matter what you are doing in another state that could otherwise be taking up your time. Filing a claim with your insurance company gets everything going with the claim, and the sooner the insurance company knows what happened, the less muddled everything will be as you move forward. 

Having an accident on your motorbike out of state can be a disconcerting situation. If you have questions about accidents that happen on your bike out of state, reach out to your insurance company for further guidance on coverage for motorbikes.