If you work for a contractor who has bid for a government job that will involve working on military installations, you may end up having to go overseas to complete the work. When this is the case, you need to be sure that you will have the proper insurance to take care of you if anything should happen while there. This is where Defense Base Act Insurance (DBA) comes into play. Before you get ready to leave, talk with your boss to make sure that the insurance is in place and that you are listed as someone who is covered by the policy. Here is just a bit of information about this coverage.

Who Is Covered?

DBA insurance coverage is for all contractors and workers doing jobs for the United States government or military on lands or installations overseas. The work being done may not be on the actual land where the government agency exists but must be done in a way that will benefit the agency. It is important to note that this insurance is paid for by the employer and that the premiums cannot be deducted from your pay. In this way, it is very similar to worker's compensation insurance.

If you are working overseas and get injured or sick, you will need to report it to your supervisor immediately. If there is some problem and your medical treatment is not approved immediately, contact your employer so they can contact the insurance company and get things taken care of. You may want to contact the company's legal department to check on things or to get help filling out the necessary forms. This is often the best way to ensure everything is done on time and correctly. Remember, things may be a bit different in the new country.

What About Off-Duty?

As long as you are in a foreign country for the purpose of performing work for a U.S. government agency, you will be covered under the insurance policy whether you were injured while working or while on your own time. This means that if you are off-duty and participating in some type of activity in which you are injured, you will still be covered.

What are the Benefits?

The policy will pay for all your medical expenses as well as lost wages. If you are totally disabled, or the injury is permanent, you will receive benefits for the rest of your life. The amount you receive will depend on the type of injury. However, total disability will result in you receiving 2/3 of your pay for life.