Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance. But when you start looking for cheap insurance, you often run into one distinct challenge -- the cheaper the coverage, the less it tends to cover. Many low-cost policies don't come with collision coverage, or they might not offer a lot of medical coverage. So, how can you save on insurance without sacrificing coverage? Here are some ideas.

Buy from a web-based company.

More and more insurance companies are emerging that do business via the Internet. They don't have physical offices for you to visit, and you interact with their agents via an app or the internet, only. This saves the insurance company money. They do not have to pay to maintain a physical office; their agents often work from home. This type of company can often offer very good coverage, but at a lower cost. If you're a tech-savvy smartphone owner who does everything on your phone anyways, opting for this type of policy is a great way to save.

Take a points reduction class.

Points reduction classes are not just for people who have speeding tickets or points on their license. If you take one of these classes and you do not have a ticket, your insurance company might give you a reduction in your insurance rates in return. The discount could be as much as 10%. Usually, these classes last about 5 - 6 hours, and there are online versions you can take, if you don't want to physically sit in a classroom for a day.

Check for union and club discounts.

Some insurance companies offer discounts for members of certain unions, organizations, and clubs. Make a list of any organizations you belong to, and ask your insurance company if any of them leave you eligible for a discount. Make sure you remember to mention alumni organizations, fraternities, and other such things. If there is a club that qualifies you for a discount and that you are eligible to join, consider joining it, for as long as the dues are affordable. You'll get a new opportunity to socialize, plus a discount on car insurance at the same time.

Saving on car insurance is a good idea, but sacrificing your coverage is not. Rather than save money by dropping part of your coverage, look into the options above. And don't forget to ask your insurance company for additional tips! For more info, call a company like LA Insurance.