Buying auto insurance is overwhelming, considering all the information that is required and understanding policy limits, exclusions, and coverages. Although you can buy insurance directly from an insurance company, it's far more convenient to consult an insurance agent. Look at some of the benefits of working with an auto insurance agent.

Personalized Service

Many people in the insurance industry look for personalized service. If you have an online insurance policy and have a complaint or query, you have to call a service number. This usually means long hold times and being transferred to various departments. Responses are automated, and you will be lucky if you talk to a real person.

On the other hand, having an agent means you can call them with an urgent question and get an immediate response. Furthermore, working with an insurance agent means you will almost always speak to the same person and develop a strong relationship as opposed to calling different customer care officials and explaining your situation every single time.

Legal Requirements

If you buy your insurance coverage directly, you are responsible for ensuring your policy meets the legal minimum requirements of the area where you live. Working with an insurance agent means they will ensure your policy meets the required legal standards. 

Furthermore, your agent will help you adjust your coverage according to your needs. Your coverage needs may change over the years. For example, if you get married or you need to add a teenage driver to your policy, your current insurance coverage may not be the best option. Your auto insurance agent will review the different coverage options and find one best suited for you.


When you purchase insurance directly from an auto insurance company, you can only purchase their products. This means you are typically dealing with a direct or captive agent, and they will only market products from one insurance company.

Dealing with an independent insurance agent means you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The agent will provide you with products from different insurance carriers based on your coverage and price preferences.

Filing a Claim

One of the challenges of dealing with your insurance provider is filing a claim. When filing a claim, you should provide information about the accident and your coverage. You should also file a claim within a certain time limit.

An independent auto insurance agent will direct you to the insurance provider who owns your policy. The agents don't work directly with the company that wrote the policy because they likely sell various policies from different insurers. However, they can guide you through the claims process and ensure your rates remain competitive after the claim. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an auto insurance company near you.