Car insurance rates for senior citizens tend to be much higher than what the average middle-aged person will pay. Hearing impairments, vision loss, and slower reflexes place seniors at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. The following guidelines can assist your aging parent with acquiring cost savings on their automotive insurance policy. 

Driving Differentials

Your parent may have previously been accustomed to driving long distances to and from work, but now be gradually phasing out their work responsibilities and driving less often. A reduction in the amount of time that is spent on the road could influence the insurance rate that your loved one is charged. Help your parent calculate the amount of driving that they do each month.

Next, consult with them about the actual days that they drive their vehicle. Equip your parent with knowledge about a possible cost reduction, simply by updating their insurance policy with the reduced driving details. If their current automotive insurance provider does not offer much savings, perform some research of your own. Acquire cost estimates from insurance companies and furnish the estimates to your parent.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses teach an enrollee about responsible driving practices that are geared toward keeping the participant and other drivers safe. This type of class can be taken by a driver of any age. First, contact your parent's insurance provider to find out if there are any discounts available for taking a class. Next, suggest to your parent that they participate in such a course.

If you would like to make the idea of taking a course even more appealing, you may want to enroll in the same course as your parent. This will give the two of you more time to spend together. In addition, you will both have a study partner to review course material with. At the completion of the course, both you and your parent can submit your course certificates to your insurance providers and appreciate the cost savings on your insurance policies.


Is your parent already used to bundling their cable with their internet and home phone service? If so, they may be receptive to bundling all of their insurance policies too. Their insurance provider may offer cost savings to retirees who choose to use this service. Bundling will provide your parent with one manageable cost that will cover all of their insurance policies. They may save some money by choosing to use a bundling service.

Reach out to a car insurance agent to learn more.