Home insurance is insurance that covers any loss or damage to your home. Approximately 85% of people in the US own home insurance. With such statistics, it is evident that most people know its importance. However, owning a home insurance policy isn't as easy as it seems. One may experience a few challenges, especially when claiming losses that may deter you from buying it. With this, it would be best to conduct profound research before purchasing a home insurance plan. Reading this whole article is the first step of your research.

Types of Home Insurance

There are two types of home insurance to buy;

  • Building insurance — this insurance will cover any damages to your building, which may also include a garage, patios, and others.
  • House content insurance — this insurance covers any damages to what you own, which may consist of furniture, appliances, clothes, and more.

Why You Need Home Insurance To Protect Your Home

A home is a massive investment that one can make. In 2020, the homeownership rate was at 65.8% in the US. And in the coming years, it seems like more people will invest in houses. As you take pride in such an investment, don't forget to find ways to protect your house from unexpected losses and damages with home insurance.

To Protect Your Belongings

Home insurance doesn't only cover the building; it also covers all the belongings in it. This may include clothes and furniture. Most people who own expensive belongings such as high-end technological appliances and designer clothes should buy home insurance to compensate for any losses.

For Liability Coverage

It can be costly to cover the medical expenses of an individual who got injured in your home. If you don't want to be held liable in such a scenario, you ought to have home insurance.

What Happens When You Don't Have Home Insurance?

Home insurance may cover damage and losses from theft, fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, and malicious damage. And when it comes to protecting yourself against losses from such perils, they can dig deep into your pocket, thus the need for home insurance. If you lack home insurance, you may also be violating your mortgage contract. Mortgage contracts require that all homeowners own insurance for your lender to get compensated if you default on a payment.

How to Get the Right Home Insurance

There are many home insurance providers out there. If you want to select the right provider, consider your needs, monthly payment, and coverage.


You will likely never need to use your home insurance. Still, you have to consider having one in case of any damages or losses.